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Meets growing demand for natural gas

Over recent years, natural gas demand in Europe has been sharply rising. Spain has tripled its consumption since 1995, according to the latest data from the Spanish National Energy Commission (CNE).

This increase is due above all to the need to fulfill the targets set by the Kyoto Protocol and by the rise in electrical power generation through combined cycle facilities, that are more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

As envisaged by the Spanish Ministry of Industry natural gas annual consumption in Spain is expected to climb from 23.7 BCM (23.7 billion cubic meters) in 2003 to 44 BCM by the year 2011. Additionally, peak demand in winter must be taken into account, which at the end of the period will exceed an equivalent rate of 75 BCM/year.

Trends in Entry Capacity to Spanish Grid
(Planning of Electrical Power and Gas Sectors. Development of Transportation Networks 2005-2011)

Trends in Entry Capacity to Spanish Grid

Source: Spanish Ministry of Industry

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