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History degradado
  • August: CEPSA and Sonatrach sign the protocol agreement to build a new Algerian-European gas pipeline via Spain.
  • February: CEPSA and Sonatrach set up MEDGAZ S.A., "Sociedad para el estudio y promoción de un gasoducto que unirá Argelia y Europa vía España".
  • July: Five other multinational energy companies (BP, Endesa, Eni, Gaz de France, and Total) join the project.
  • September: First marine survey is completed. Seismic survey undertaken.

  • September: The MEDGAZ Project is included in the document titled "Planning of Electrical Power and Gas Sectors. Development of Transportation Networks 2002-2011", drafted by the Spanish Finance Ministry.
  • September: Iberdrola acquires Eni’s shareholding.

  • September: The European Commission includes MEDGAZ as a "Project of Priority Interest within Trans-European Networks in the Energy Sector", due to its considerable importance for European energy supplies.
  • February: MEDGAZ is transformed into "Sociedad para la construcción y explotación del gasoducto Argelia-Europa, vía España" ("Company to build and operate the Algerian-European pipeline, via Spain").
  • April: Prior authorization (Autorización Administrativa Previa) is requested from the Spanish Industry Ministry, and the Environmental Impact Assessment is submitted.
  • July: The marine survey is completed and the definitive pipeline route is chosen.

  • July: Project’s basic engineering (Front End Engineering & Design - FEED) is completed.

  • March: The European Union approves funding for MEDGAZ.

  • June: The Spanish Ministry of Industry classifies MEDGAZ as a "priority project".

  • January: MEDGAZ begins the public information process.

  • July: MEDGAZ is granted the Environmental Impact Declaration.

  • September: MEDGAZ is granted the Administrative Authorization.

  • October: MEDGAZ is granted the Argelian Concession.

  • December: MEDGAZ begins the construction phase.

  • February: MEDGAZ awards the contracts for construction.

  • July: The construction begin with the earth works in Beni Saf.

  • September:  The pipeline fabrication concludes.

  • February: MEDGAZ receives the last load of pipes for the offshore construction.
  • March: MEDGAZ announces start-up of deepwater pipeline construction.
  • August: The Saipem 7000 arrives in Almeria.
  • Decembre: MEDGAZ completes construction of deepwater pipeline.
  • May: MEDGAZ completes the beach reinstatement works in Algeria and Spain after the construction of the offshore gas pipeline.
  • November: MEDGAZ changes its registered and tax address to Almería.
  • December: MEDGAZ initiates the testing sequence.
  • February: MEDGAZ obtains the ISO 14001 Accreditation/Certificate for the infrastructure and project management environmental quality.
  • July: The testing phase with gas commences.
  • November: The European Investment Bank grants Medgaz a loan of 500 million euros..
  • March: The pipeline starts being filled to begin testing with gas at the terminal in Almería.
  • March: MEDGAZ connects the pipeline to the Spanish gas network within the testing phase.
  • May: MEDGAZ celebrates its first year of activity with 100% disponibility.
  • November: A Clean energy for Almeria, Spain and Europe.
  • May: MEDGAZ provides/supplies clean energy to Almeria, Spain and Europe.
  • July: The harbour of Almeria, MEDGAZ and the University of Almeria renew their collaboration one year more.
  • October: MEDGAZ succeeds in the completion of his schedule maintenance.

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