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Meets growing demand for natural gas

Over recent years, natural gas demand in Europe has been sharply rising. Spain has quadrupled its consumption since 1995, according to the latest data from the Spanish National Energy Commission (CNE).

This increase is due above all to the need to fulfill the targets set by the Paris Agreement (2015) and the rise in electrical power generation through combined cycle facilities, that are more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

The growing capacity of renewable energy sources (such as wind and solar) in recent years further emphasizes the importance of combined cycles as a backup technology, enhancing supply security.

According to the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Spain went from consuming more than 23 bcm in 2003 to 33 in 2022.

Evolution of Spanish gas demand

Source: www.enerdata.net

For its part, MEDGAZ was key in covering this demand, suplying more than 29% of the total, surpassing the United States and Russia.


Source: Enagas
Gráfico de demanda
Source: Spanish Ministry of Industry
Fuente: CNMC
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