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The first underwater gas pipeline between Algeria and Europe is located over 2,000 metres deep in the Mediterranean Sea and is developed, built, and operated by MEDGAZ via Spain.

With a current capacity of 10,16 billion cubic meters per year, it carries natural gas directly from Beni Saf, on the Algerian coast, to Almería, in Andalusia, where it connects with the Spanish gas pipeline network operated by Enagás.

This is an international and multidisciplinary project that is presented as the most direct and economical way to supply natural gas to southern Europe.

Considered a “Project of Common Interest”, the project in its beginnings had the support of the European Union, granting financial aid of 2 million euros during the study and design phase and 1.4 million euros in the construction phase.

MEDGAZ represents the fastest and most economical supply route to Southern Europe, by benefiting the end consumer, and making a positive contribution to the objectives set in the 2015 Paris Agreement, by delivering cleaner energy, compared to other fossil fuels, as is natural gas.

Beni Saf Compressors
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