MEDGAZ will carry out the complete internal cleaning of the gas pipeline between the 16th and 28th june

This is part of the regular maintenance work of the pipeline, which must be carried out after approximately every ten years of activity.

Almería, 15/06/2023

From tomorrow, Friday 16th June, until next Wednesday 28th June, MEDGAZ will carry out the complete internal cleaning of the gas pipeline that connects the Beni Saf (Algeria) installations to the Perdigal beach in Almería (Spain).

This internal cleaning will be done by means of the use of pistons that will be introduced into the pipeline at the MEDGAZ compression station located in Beni Saf, Algeria, and which, driven by the natural gas that is transported along the pipeline itself, will travel to the reception terminal in Almería, for pipeline inspection and cleaning.

This is the first time that MEDGAZ is carrying out the internal cleaning of the pipeline, which the best practices in the field of gas transportation recommend doing approximately every ten years of operation to guarantee pipeline integrity. This is therefore a routine procedure in gas pipeline maintenance.

The operation will be carried out following a conservative strategy to minimise any type of risk. It should be noted that as this is an operation that will be carried out on the inside of the pipeline, there is no risk to the marine environment, nor interference with fishing activity or marine traffic.

This inspection will be complementary to those carried out every three years from the outside of the pipeline.

In accordance with management protocol, the Port Authority of Almería, the Almería Harbour Master, Almería Airport and the Local Almería Government have been duly notified of this procedure, and they in turn have informed the appropriate public Administrations, so that they are aware of the operation.


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