MEDGAZ is the company responsible for the design, construction and operation of the deepwater gas pipeline from Algeria to Europe via Spain, this being the first at a depth exceeding 2,000 metres in the Mediterranean Sea. MEDGAZ supplies natural gas directly from Beni Saf on the Algerian coast to Almeria in Andalusia at an initial capacity of 8 bcm per year.

MEDGAZ is an international and multidisciplinary project that provides the most direct and cost-effective way of supplying natural gas to Southern Europe .

The project has the support of the European Union which considers it as a "Project of Common Interest" and has granted 2 million euros of financial aid during the study and design stage and an additional 1.4 million euros at the construction stage.

The operation of the MEDGAZ pipeline ensures a faster and more economic route to supply Southern Europe which will ultimately benefit the final consumer and positively contributes to the objectives set in the Kyoto Protocol by supplying a clean-burning fuel, which is natural gas.
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